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At the crossroads of technology and creativity, you’ll find us - populated by a special combination of big thinkers and skilled technologists born and bred for the digital age. We generate ideas and strategies driven by market insights and amplified through an unparalleled mastery of technology. And we do this every day for some of the world’s most iconic brands.

About Us


We Do Awesome Stuff

Our world is always changing. When you think you’ve got the latest version, it’s time for an upgrade. You share a link, and it’s already old news. You’re tagging, while everyone else is pinning. We realize if there’s one thing you can count on, it’s change. We also realize that if you can master this change, the opportunities are limitless. We’ll help you find your footing in a sea of constant, disruptive change and evolve how you connect with people in the digital age. Adapting isn’t about staying in one place, it’s about moving forward. Let's move.

Billiant Minds

We need an entrepreneurial approach to solve the challenges of today and unearthing the opportunities we will face tomorrow.

Smart People

It doesn't make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to do; we hired smart people so they can tell us what to do.

Clients Know It

We strive for “everyday innovation,” where customers of our company are encouraged to bring forth their ideas and thoughts.

Who We Are

We are obsessed with simplifying the complex. We thrive on innovation.

We are a team populated with innovative ideas and skills to deliver pristine services to our clients. Ours is to generate and deliver ideas and strategies driven by consumer needs.

Our coverage is global and we have already done this to major world brands, and we are still doing it for you and many others.

From Now To Next

The road to the future is paved with change. Without the right strategy, it could prove to be a bumpy ride. Technology is emerging at lightning speeds. People are finding new and faster ways to connect with the world around them. Consumers are in control and have become increasingly fickle about what they give their attention to and how they do it. Here today, irrelevant tomorrow. All this change is making it hard to keep pace with people’s behavior. If you’re going to adapt, you need a partner that can make that happen. That’s where we come in.


We're idea people! All of us. We have been partners of some of the greatest startups in Asia and know what it is to explore great business ideas.


We create originality and difference. People are more likely to engage and pay for what they haven’t experienced yet and can never see elsewhere.


Change happens for some unidentified reason. We generate tons of strategies driven by consumer insights and amplified through a shifting technology.


The way we investigate things and how we make decissions is pragmatic. Our team has a hands-on and action oriented approach of problems.


We Are Here For You

We don’t simply develop lofty strategies – we help our clients bring these strategies to life. Since consumers today experience brands across many different channels and devices, our plans consider how these channels can best work together to reach a brand’s goals. Every one of our strategists has a keen understanding of traditional marketing as well as digital, social, and mobile platforms: Cross-channel fluency is necessary to develop transformative plans that don’t just sound nice, but actually work.


Designing with usability and scalability in mind is important

We always begin with the design process with the client’s design assets. When those assets need to be created or updated, we work with partners to offer strategy services. We have a very long history of working with several blockchains and we plan to continue those partnerships in the future. Our team carries years of experience in design, usability and technology.


It opens doors for your audience to access other data

Internet marketing is an effective strategy promoting individuals, products and services to a vast, online audience. Your visibility is increased and website traffic is traceable by way of analytic software. This marketing strategy gives your audience the opportunity to keep updated with trends in the Internet community and provides a vehicle for giving information online.


Our own media ensures that you have two factors for your success

Established relationships with strategic media influencers and cost effective, highly competitive prices. This is achieved to promote the interests of our clients in acquiring favourable slots for radio and television advertising. It is of particular importance when it involves sponsorship of prime shows, which by their popularity, make available slots, limited.


The first ever end-to-end customer retention and churn solution

In today’s challenging environments, erosion of ARPU and increase of subscriber acquisition costs are challenging the overall profitability of mobile operators and retaining existing customers is taking the precedence on winning new customers. Our solution helps to maximize the marketing strategy by targeting the right customers, with the right actions at the right time.

  • We Are Different
  • We Are Awesome
  • We Are Coders
  • We Are Thinkers
  • We Are Creative
  • We Are Epic
  • — We hired smart, nice people —

    Our Process

    We Make Our Customers Happy

    We help brands make sense of this #change. We’re always watching and keeping tabs on consumer behavior, gaining insights into how people interact with and perceive a brand, as well as its competition. These insights help us identify the currency that is going to spark consumers’ interest and compel them to not only listen to what you have to say, but to carry your message forward.





    We provide affordable and tailored technology solutions to our valued clients. We offer a personalised approach, backed by a client-focussed attitude, from concept through to delivery.

    Our Numbers

    Some of the cool facts about us


    Like the best entrepreneurs, we employ a fail-fast attitude. We’re always trying new things, and if they don’t work, quickly coming up with a new idea.

    Our Talent

    Our Main Skills

    We generate ideas that connect, create and fuel conversations online. We do this by taking an integrated approach to everything we do. Because here, there’s no room for silos. When we think big, we think as a team – filtering ideas across all in-house experts and talent, not just those with “creative” in their title. This provides us with a hothouse for award-winning big ideas that push our clients’ businesses, brands and reputations forward.

    If a great commercial or advertisement appears on the air, and no one is there to see or hear it, does it make a sound? We don’t think so. Advertising takes more than making an awesome commercial,though your commercials should certainly be awesome. Someone has to see the commercial. And not just anyone – your target audience. Media buying differs from “earned” or “owned” media. It falls into the “paid” media category and plays an essential role in marketing. That’s why effective media buying is so important. We will take you through the ins and outs of media buying and offer ad space on our own credible channels.

    Top brokers excel in a variety of areas like execution, real-time access to prices and charts, and educational resources. Most have several platforms, including those that are highly specific for automated and algorithmic handling. Some of the largest factors that come into play when selecting a platform are your individual style and experience level. Well-rounded platforms will have the most flexible solutions that enable you to trade and manage risk from any computer, server or mobile device. With our tailor-made platform you will always be ahead of anyone else.

    We have a toolset for operating text services for data collection, streamlining complex workflows, and group coordination using basic mobile phones — and can present information on the internet as soon as it is received. So far we have customized and deployed diverse functionalities: remote health diagnostics, nutrition surveillance and supply chain tracking. We have designed our platform to be customized for the challenges of governments, international- and non-government organizations and development practitioners: working effectively in spite of limited infrastructure, and slow data collection.

    The retail industry is always changing and if you want to stay competitive you need be constantly innovating. But we know there’s more to it. You need confidence that your new ideas will resonate with your shoppers. Confidence they won’t flop, confidence your stakeholders are on board, confidence you can implement them quickly, affordably and with ease. Whether you’d like to quickly visualize a new in-store concept, or you want to conduct an in-depth customized research study using our team of experts. Gain deeper shopper insights by testing your retail concepts in a virtual reality environment—before you invest.

    Big data has become a strategic asset for many companies in a variety of industries. Increasingly, efficient operations rely on effective usage of vast amounts of structure and unstructured data. Data from sources beyond internal databases can add significant value and competitive advantages. However, with the exponential growth of data, it becomes difficult to process it using database management tools along with traditional data processing applications. We combine extensive multi-industry experience with innovative tailored approach to big data storage, analysis and processing techniques development.

    Big Data